About ISAT

What is the ISAT?

The Influence Skills Assessment Tool™ (ISAT) is a proven, diagnostic instrument specifically designed to quantify the influence skills of each member of the team. The ISAT contains 25 targeted questions to assess the critical skills essential to all influence processes.

What is ISAT Measuring?

The ISAT is measuring the 5 core skills required for effectively influencing others.

OPEN: Explores how to build trust and credibility by setting verbal agendas, handling early concerns and managing the other person's expectations.

INVESTIGATE: Examines how to accurately assess the situation and uncover needs through strategic questioning, listening skills and the examination of their decision making criteria.

PRESENT: Encompasses how to link your concerns and managing the other person's through strategic value articulation, differentiation and conveying the appropriateness of your idea.

CONFIRM: Uncovers how to ask for the decision, handle concerns, and gain agreement even when htere are competing options.

POSITION: Focuses on how to build long-term relationships and gain advantage from them.

What do the results of the ISAT tell me?

The results of the ISAT provide an objective view of your strengths in the influence process, key skills and areas that warrant improvement. Clients receive 3 reports which:

  • Provide a statistical evaluation for the individual of each of the 5 core influence skills.
  • Deliver a summary of each division/team in comparison when a team is evaluated.
  • Compare each individual to the results of the entire company..

How long does it take to complete the survey?

Total time needed to take the survey is 25-30 minutes.

How is the ISAT administered?

The client and consultant collaboratively create a plan that determines the number of participants, group names, and delivery date of the results.

The members of the group taking the ISAT complete the survey via a password authorized web link at their convenience within a pre-specified time period.

All completed ISATs are submitted to our Central Processing Center for quality assurance.

Once all ISATs are complete, the manager receives the final data Executive Summary, Group Information, and Individual Reports.

How does the ISAT information help me develop my organization?

The ISAT information provides management with specific quantitative data profiling the targeted needs of the group, the needs of the division/team, and the needs of each individual. The ISAT data provides the insight to effectively focus the group on development needs for maximum influence and individual coaching plans for maximum effectiveness.

Should the team be re-evaluated with the ISAT?

Because the ISAT is quantitative in nature, the first assessment provides a benchmark for the group. After receiving the feedback from the ISAT, completing training in the Predictive Index®, Customer-Focused Selling or other skills development program, it is recommended that the team re-take the ISAT at 6 months and at one year to gauge the improvement in influence and impact.

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